One of the cool things about becoming a mom is the opportunity to shop for totally new stuff!

Here are some of my favourites:

Avent Breast Shells

I saw these odd things at the pharmacy and wondered what the heck they were. The reviews on Amazon were great, so I decided to buy some.
Every time I’m breastfeeding at home, I slip one onto the opposite breast and it collects all the drips. I pour all the drips into a refrigerated bottle (obviously, obeying all the rules about expressed breast milk). After 2 days, I generally have enough in the bottle for a top-up feed (if need be).
It saves time, money and washing up: what’s not to like?


At 2am, when I can’t remember my name, let alone how many breasts I have, this handy little band saves my sanity. All I have to do is flip it and it tells me which breast I last fed from. I don’t even need to turn the lights on to tell which side is which, as Left is Lowered and Right is Raised. Best $9 I ever spent.
Buy it from Mother’s Direct.

Miracle Blanket

She really enjoys being wrapped up tight, and seems to sleep better and wake up less often when she is swaddled. This is the only wrap that keeps her hands from wriggling out and whacking herself awake. Highly recommended, especially if you value your sleep.

Ikea Textur dimmable lamp

I got this idea via Kimba, and it has been very very handy at night time, especially since I can have it on as dim as I like (to check if she’s sleeping) or really bright when I’m reading.

Change table

3 requirements:

  1. Safety: a barrier of at least 10cm on all 3 sides so baby can’t roll off. Many change tables in the market are way below that height, and we were lucky we found a second hand one that was high enough for my satisfaction.
  2. Ergonomics: both P and I can comfortably use it, and we’re not breaking our backs changing her on the floor.
  3. Wheels: something we can easily move, with locking wheels. It has been very handy as we push the whole contraption into the bathroom and have everything on hand to bathe baby.

2 handy extras:

  1. Nappy & wipes holder + bin – I bought this at Ikea ages ago to use on another one of our shelves but it didn’t fit. Luckily it fit the change table! It is very handy having all the stuff in grabbing range.
  2. Mobile – a GREAT way to distract baby. She is mesmerised by the music and movement and forgets that she has a cold bum!

BabyHawk Baby Carrier

Every time I take Q out with this carrier, I get compliments about how pretty it is. What I love more: it’s washable, it folds up into a compact package and most importantly, it’s comfortable and great for my back. You can use it on a newborn without any extras, and even bigger kids seem comfy in it.